Should You rent or Own a Bounce House?


Kids Bounce house









To rent, own, or use for parties, that is the question.


With only a couple of promotions on the internet or informal exchanges with several families in your neighborhood, you can add an additional income by renting or owning inflatable bounce houses. You can use them for kids parties, birthday parties, weddings, classes, religious events, graduation parties, and after school programs.


Just by buying four to six of these houses, individuals can add supplemental cash to their accounts. Now, I know what you’re thinking, these are too expensive to buy right? If you think they’re too expensive, try leasing them from Party Inflatables Inc. With renting however, make sure that you check pricing and that you’re getting the correct ROI for the jump-house. You don’t want to lease these, and end up not making any money in return.


The exciting news about buying kids inflatables is that it won’t break the bank, as long as you can keep cost low and get a good deal on your rental space. With one big room, you’d be surprised at how many jump houses you can fit. A majority of the time, you can set them up at the end of the week or even the night before the event. Along these lines you won’t need to stress over missing your day job.


Indeed, I know what you’re thinking. Can grown-ups use these too?? Of course! Numerous grown-up occasions are right for using these. Why? Why not, should be the REAL question. Check the weight limit, make sure several adults can be on at the same time. Usually the weight limit runs between 1000-1200lbs. for normal size bounce houses. Thats about 5 or 6 200lbs adults. Both the youngsters and adults can appreciate the fun with these jump-houses. You can obviously use them throughout all types of seasonal settings, with the best having the kids occupied while at a BBQ, or simply using it for a birthday party.


There are plenty of additions, for example, water slides, ball pit, basketball hoops, different colors, and even different themes are a few that we can name. Parents or guardians will need to pick the best fitting additions for the child and their little guests. Over time these will become your new favorite obsession, and goto move for kids’ or adults(*wink*) parties.


Now, where can you put these? Any and everywhere: backyard, garage, rental space, your own house if needed. These can be considered lower maintenance items, although we don’t want to fool you and say they are maintenance free. These will get rips and holes throughout, so make sure to check the houses thoroughly after each use. Start off with one at a kids party, and see how you like. Scale up, if you think this is something you could do long term. just four to six inflatables in your possession, you will have the capacity to add to your salary.

With time, your bouncy house business will develop into a flourishing business that will enable you to work for yourself. The potential outcomes are unfathomable once you start to see growth, you can simply begin with only one, and over a brief period see changes. Make the most of your low maintenance business and see if you can transform that little benefit into an immense business. Or, just use it for your kids next party!