Brinca! Brinca! Jumping Into Kids’ Games For Parties.

Brinca means jump in the Spanish language, that’s exactly what your kids should be doing while playing in a Moonwalk

Additional games can be very important with the moon walks, and there are several activities and games you can have the children participate in. Competition is always fun for kids, and brings a different element to the child’s party. One type of addition that would be great for the kids to play in, is an obstacle course. Obstacle courses could include: mini-wall climbs, slides, doughnut holes, and tunnels. You could simply set the children into teams, and have them race thru the tunnels and obstacle course for time. Whichever team won, would win a prize.

kids sliding


You can also use a rope climbing area as part of your side entertainment with the jumpers, as this will be for older kids. Before you tackle this activity, YOU ABSOLUTELY need to check liability with your business insurance. Kids will be suspended in the air, and climbing higher than normal heights, you want to be covered if an accident were to occur. You will also need to have the kids’ parent(s) sign a waiver form, making sure you are protected in every way. Some of the equipment that you could need are: harnesses, climbing ropes, and most important, a climbing wall. You may have to rent the wall, or buy it yourself, which would be an added expense. AGAIN, before going thru with this, double-check the policies and numbers with purchasing equipment and insurance, this may not be feasible for someone starting out.


One final game you could suggest for the older kids to play is jousting. You could have a “king of the hill” game where the kids could joust each other with inflatable joust, and try to keep their balance on a platform the they’re standing on, Similar to the show American Gladiator. Make sure you have helmets(even though I’m pointing to kids back, you get the gist)! This round robin tournament would keep the kids occupied until you had a final victor. Give the final victor or finalists a prize for participating.Kids jousting

Main takeaways

Make sure you have the correct insurance. With more games there becomes more liability and risk, you want to be covered if, god-forbid, something were to happen to a child. Get creative! I’m sure there several hundred more games you can make up on your own. Just make sure the games are entertaining and have prizes! This can really boost the kids’ fun at the party and put in some friendly competition.

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