Information to Consider Before Renting a Bounce House

Information to Consider

How much does a Moonwalk cost to rent?

 That is the first question you will ask yourself when figuring out if a bounce house party is the right theme for you and your child. The answer to that is simple: you need to check. Simply type into google and BOOM, there are some results. It seems as though prices can vary tremendously, varying from ~$85/day to $250/4hrs, so just make sure its feasible with your budget. Here is a specific and detailed page about pricing from thumbtack.

While gathering your intel on the price, there are also other things you can consider while thinking about the rental such as: what other entertainment activities could I use with this? What is the age range of kids for this party? Can we have jousting, a basketball hoop, a water-slide, or other accessories? Do you need an air-blower? Will the company your renting from have this?

For the business side

Renting out a bounce house or two, and trying to make a return is a hard process. Why? Simply because you’re paying someone else for the equipment, and THEN having to find a customer to rent it out to. This usually means you, the business owner, will have to charge higher prices to cover expenses. Some other things to consider while considering a bouncy house rental: How much does shipping cost? Do you need an air-blower? DO YOU HAVE INSURANCE(this is a big one)? How long will it take to get the bounce house? How is it going to be delivered to the party site? These are a few things you should always consider while running your business. I’m assuming there are more, but you get the point.

I do want to add, that you should ALWAYS consider some items for your adult guests. I know this is a kids party but, hey, adults deserve to have fun too. Or, better yet, like in the previous post, have a party catered for ADULTS! Things you could have for adults, a theme: such as a , SUPERHEROES! A machine to make adult beverages or what about A water slide? I think all three of these things would be great for a party event, although the hardest part won’t be making the party fun, but getting A BABYSITTER!

For business, I would not recommend renting and then turning around and renting to another person. It takes more time and seems like a waste of money. Instead, try pricing around some houses, which can be had for as low as $200 to $1000, and just see which one best fits your needs and budget. After that, you can make your return on investment quickly with several bookings, and you’ve cut out the middle-man.


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